ST1 1st & 2nd Stage

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  • First stage machined from solid 316 Stainless Steel
  • Atomic Jet Seat high-flow piston first stage
  • Freeze protected factory-sealed first stage also prevents contamination such as silt and sand
  • Nitrox ready for mixtures up to 40%
  • First stage ports: 2 HP fixed / 5 LP on swivel cap
  • All-Titanium second stage construction same as Atomic T2 and B2 models
  • Rapid adjustment knob for manual second stage de-tuning in special situations
  • All-stainless steel Atomic Comfort Swivel standard
  • A new high-flow second stage case lowers breathing effort at any depth from shallow water to beyond the limits
  • Dual material second stage cover enables entire front to be used for purge
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Designed as premium regulator in the Atomic range, the ST1 is recognised by many as the world’s most robust regulator!

A regulator without peer, it has won multiple industry awards including the coveted ScubaLab Testers Choice in the high-performance regulator category.

The ST1 first stage is built almost entirely with stainless steel, an exceptionally robust hard metal renowned for its corrosion resistance, making it perfect for use in both saltwater and chlorine environments.

Additionally, this regulator is also the most ecologically sustainable with stainless steel being easily recycled and uses fewer resources to make than other regulator materials.

Due to this corrosive resistance and the hardwearing material Atomic offer the industries’ best service interval of 2 Years or 200 dives, this regulator is built to go year after year without any drop in performance.

The Lifetime warranty is also unique in that it is not reliant on service and is transferrable to the next owner.

Internally the ST1 utilises a high flow stainless steel piston which is environmentally sealed to ensure zero ingress of saltwater which is usually one of the key issues with longevity of regulator performance.

The low-pressure ports are housed on a swivel turret to allow for perfect hose routing.

The ST1 second stage houses a fully balanced titanium valve and lever that has a super smooth air delivery regardless of depth.

The second stage has a fantastic stainless steel 360-degree swivel which ensures the regulator is always in the right place reducing jaw fatigue and making your dive more comfortable for longer.

Like all Atomic second stages it also features the patented “AFC” Automatic Flow Control that eliminates the need for an external pre-dive switch and automatically adjusts with depth to ensure your regulator doesn’t free flow. Another unique Atomic second stage patent is the “seat saving orifice” that allows for the seat to pull away from the sealing knife edge when not in use, significantly reducing the wear on this important component and therefore increasing longevity of the regulator’s performance.

The ST1 is available in both yoke and DIN options and is ready for 40% Nitrox use.

Why Stainless Steel & Titanium?

Stainless Steel delivers virtually the same corrosion resistance as Titanium at a lower price. Stainless Steel does not require protective chrome or nickel plating processes that can be harmful to the environment and is 100% recyclable. The ST1 second stage features all-Titanium components as in the T2 and B2 models.

A Breath of Fresh Air
Environmentally conscious topside…natural breathing at depth
The ST1 is another industry first from Atomic Aquatics. The first stage is beautifully machined from a special grade 316 Stainless Steel that is twice the strength of brass with corrosion-resistance approaching Titanium. The use of Stainless Steel means we are doing our part for clean air when divers are out of the water. The legendary Atomic design means divers also breathe easy at depth.

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