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Hera Sizing Guide
Sizing Guide
Hera BCD
X-Small5'0" - 5'5"100 -125 lbs
N/A152 - 165cm45 - 56 kg
Small5'2" - 5'7"120 -145 lbs
N/A157 - 170cm54 - 65 kg
Medium5'5" - 5'10"135 - 160 lbs
N/A165 - 177cm61 - 72 kg
Large5'7" - 6'0"155 - 190 lbs
N/A170 - 182cm70 - 86 kg
  • Designed specifically for women divers
  • Patented Adjustable Positioning System (A.P.S.) Track
  • Adjustable depth-compensating cummerbund
  • Pre-bent welded stainless steel D-rings
  • Reinforced contoured shoulders
  • QLR4 Integrated Weight System 20 lbs plus dual 5 lbs rear
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The Hera BC from Oceanic comes standard with all the features and durability required of a high-end BC but is built from the ground up for the ladies. The design also incorporates our patented Adjustable Positioning System, rugged yet light-weight materials, plenty of storage, and 30 lbs of integrated weights into what may be the most comfortable, best fitting BC you’ll ever wear.

Designed specifically for women divers

Patented Adjustable Positioning System (A.P.S.) Track

Adjustable depth-compensating cummerbund

Pre-bent welded stainless steel D-rings

Reinforced contoured shoulders

QLR4 Integrated Weight System 20 lbs plus dual 5 lbs rear


You Asked For It

More than 300 female divers, instructors and Oceanic Dealers participated in a detailed survey to help develop the ultimate women’s-specific BC design. Time and time again, we heard what is lacking in today’s BCs designed for women – you’re looking for a BC designed to fit you; not a scaled down male BC. You’re looking for a BC that’s comfortable, contoured in all the right places, but one that doesn’t sacrifice features or functionality. You want a BC that’s travel-friendly, yet rugged enough and packing the lift capacity required for daily local diving. And finally, you’re looking for something with a little style – preferably not just big swatches of pink or purple material. You ask for it – Oceanic delivers.

Patented Custom Fir Harness

Oceanic’s patented Custom Fit Harness is standard equipment on the Hera. With multi-position shoulder straps and cummerbund, the Hera delivers individual comfort for women of all shapes and sizes.

Hybrid Bladder Design

The innovative design of the Hera allows the freedom of movement and other benefits you have come to expect from a rear-inflation BC. However, the unique wrap-around design of the air cell provides you more lift than most BC’s; as well as an improved, upright orientation when the BC is inflated on the surface.

Patented QLR (Quick Lock & Release) Weight Integration System

Angled down slightly to aid self-loading, Oceanic’s patented QLR Quick Lock & Release System keeps up to 20 lbs. of releasable weight in position and stabile throughout the dive. The weight pouches are simple to load and easy to release when you want to. Best of all, our patented positive-lock system helps to ensure that they’ll stay put.

Rear Weight Pockets

Located on the back of the BC on either side of the cylinder band. Provides greater integrated weight capacity and better attitude underwater. Carries up to 10 non-dumpable pounds.

Fadeless 1000 Denier Cordura® Construction

Exterior abrasion points are covered in our new “Fadeless” 1000-denier Cordura – tough stuff that will hold up to years of extreme diving and keep that new look longer.

Optional Integrated Retractor / BC Knife System

Built-in retractor and Spinner BC Knife attachment points – perfect for streamlining gauges, lights and other essentials.

Reliant Integrated Inflator

Ergonomically designed to be functional and easy to use in any dive position, the Reliant Integrated Inflator provides a full range of airway exhaust/inflation control. Simply press a button to produce precise flow for trimming dive attitude or maximum flow for major changes in buoyancy. A large exhaust valve creates a flow rate higher than the inflation rate of the power inflator, improving diver control during ascents.

Patented Depth-Compensating Adjustable Cummerbund

Oceanic’s patented depth compensating cummerbund is manufactured from a unique woven elastic material that eliminates the need to readjust as your suit compresses at depth. Oceanic’s cummerbund offers up to 8″ of adjustment to fit a wide range of sizes. For additional customization, the cummerbund may be easily changed with another size.

Padded Backpack and Additional Lumbar Support

Extra heavy duty padding provides comfort both above and below the surface without having to sacrifice the stability of a hard backpack.

Large Main Zippered Pockets

Zippered so they’re easy to get into. Enough room to store your Light, extra Shadow Mask, Pocket Snorkel, and more!

Optional Air XS 2 Alternate Inflator

The new AIR XS combines the reliability, performance and durability of the SlimLine OCTOPUS and ALLIANCE INFLATOR into one very low profile, streamlined package. The regulator/inflator combination is as small as many BC inflators alone, with breathing performance superior to many stand-alone octopus regulators.


Shoulder Panel Material FADELESS 1000 DENIER CORDURA®
Pocket Panel Material FADELESS 1000 DENIER CORDURA®
Main Pockets / Closure ZIPPER
Accessory Pockets / Closure N/A
Max Dumpable Integrated Weight 9 kgs
Max Non-Dumpable Rear Weight Pockets 5 kgs.
Padded Backpack YES
Lumbar Support NO
Carrying Handle YES
Tank Positioning Strap YES
Stainless Steel D-rings 4
Plastic D-rings N/A
Depth Compensating Cummerbund YES
Right Shoulder Pull-Ball Exhaust YES
Integrated Retractor Mount YES
Spinner BC Knife Mount YES
Air XS 2 Alternate Inflator OPTIONAL
Lift Capacity
XS 9 l
SM 12 l
MD 15 l
LG 18 l
Warranty 2 YEAR
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee YES
Weight N/A

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3 reviews for Hera

  1. Emma

    Fantastic BCD. First purchase since completing open water course. Very comfy and very suited for bustier women. Definitely wouldn’t go for any other! Great fits and true to their size. Has been on over 20 dives in 2 months and no issues. Very happy with my purchase.

  2. Ann M

    The newly designed Hera is the best BCD I have ever owned. I am so happy with it! The new track adjustment system on it makes it easy to customize the fit for your body shape. I am a dive instructor so I really appreciate that there are plenty of D rings to attach all the extras I have with me while I am diving. Oceanic has really nailed the details with this re-design. The mini D-rings located inside the roomy pockets are awesome! No more losing things out of my BCD pocket if it is not zipped it up. I love the hybrid bladder design of this BCD as it gives me the benefits of a back inflation BCD while underwater yet keeps me upright while on the surface. The lift provided by this BCD on the surface is far superior to other BCD’s I have tried. With my Hera I get no tipping forward on the surface, even when I am holding my 8 kilo SLR camera! One more feature I would like to point out is the right hand exhaust release. There are certain instances where having that extra exhaust valve location makes my ascent much easier. Thanks for designing such a great BCD Oceanic!

  3. Victoria Wells

    I looovvveee the Oceanic Hera BCD. It is extremely comfortable with extra padding in all of the right places making it easy to stay underwater for lengthy periods. As a quite small female I’ve had issues with other BCDs rubbing in the wrong places and simply not fitting my stature but I forgot all about that as soon as I started using my Hera. The integrated weights are a God send. Rather than having a weight belt digging into my hips and becoming uncomfortable across my back the integrated weight pockets at the front take all of the stress for me. An additional bonus is the weight pockets on the cam band. These let me adjust my trim comfortably without having to shift around weights on a weight belt. The Hera also features pockets that are a decent size. There is plenty of room for me to store my SMB, my sunglasses for surface intervals, my mask defog and even my hat when I’m feeling fancy. Practicality wise there are plenty d rings that you can clip your equipment onto all while keeping your gear nice and streamline. Overall this is an excellent recreational BCD that fits all shapes and sizes quite comfortably.

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