SPG Complete with Boot & Hose

$199.00 inc GST

  • 300 BAR pressure gauge
  • Easy to read dial
  • High contrast colour design
  • Slimline low profile
  • Replaceable module design
  • Micro braided HP hose

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Oceanpro’s SPG Complete offers a 300 Bar Max operating pressure capability, delivering precise and reliable measurements. Its easy-to-read dial ensures optimal visibility, boasting a high-contrast colour design that enhances clarity even in the murkiest underwater conditions

A streamlined low-profile design reduces underwater drag, ensuring your mobility remains uncompromised, while the replaceable module saves on the cost of replacing the entire setup and extends the product’s longevity. The micro-braided HP hose is durable, flexible, and lightweight, ensuring comfort and safety during dives.

Also utilised by the Australian Defence Force (ADF), Oceanpro’s SPG Complete offers dependability, competitive pricing, and exceptional functionality. It stands as an excellent choice for divers seeking secure and effective monitoring of their underwater pressure.


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