SPG & Compass Combo

$299.00 inc GST

  • High angle tilt compass
  • 300 BAR pressure gauge
  • Easy to read dial
  • High contrast colour design
  • Slimline low profile
  • Micro braided HP hose

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Stay on course underwater with confidence using Oceanpro’s high-precision SPG & compass combo, engineered to enhance navigational accuracy. With its ability to read pressures of up to a 300 BAR Max operating pressure capability, it provides precise and reliable measurements.

Featuring an easy-to-read dial with a high-contrast colour design, this device ensures optimal visibility even in the murkiest of underwater conditions. Its sleek and compact design reduces underwater drag, maintaining mobility, and the micro-braided HP hose provides durability, flexibility, and lightweight comfort, enhancing safety during dives.

Oceanpro’s SPG Compass Combo offers an upgrade from standard single SPG systems, providing the added safety of a navigation device. It is an excellent choice for divers who prioritise secure and effective monitoring of their underwater pressure.


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