Oceanpro Wrist Mount Compass

$99.00 inc GST

  • Southern Hemisphere compatibility
  • Sturdy comfortable rubber boot design
  • Easy smooth adjust bezel
  • High accuracy and readability
  • Prominent pointer for front and top reading
  • Angle tilt for multi profile use
  • Fits comfortably over wetsuit or drysuit

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Oceanpro’s wrist mount compass offers a sturdy, comfortable rubber boot design for a secure fit that won’t slip or move. Featuring a prominent pointer for front and top reading, a directional lubber line, and designed specifically for the Southern Hemisphere, the compass ensures you’ll never lose your bearings. Furthermore, its user-friendly and seamlessly adjustable bezel enhances usability, while its angle tilt feature allows for versatile use in any situation.

The extra long strap with multiple attachment points will ensure it fits comfortably over wetsuits or drysuits, allowing you to bring it along on any adventure. With its secure fit and effortless readability, you can rely on always knowing your direction.


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