Compass Module

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  • Southern Hemisphere compatibility
  • Easy smooth adjust bezel
  • High Accuracy and readability
  • Prominent Pointer for front and top reading
  • Angle tilt for multi profile use
  • Directional lubber line

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Designed as a seamless replacement for the Oceanpro SPG Compass Combo and wrist mount, this module offers precise navigation capabilities to ensure you stay on course during your underwater adventures.

With a prominent pointer for front and top reading, a directional lubber line, and designed specifically for the Southern Hemisphere, this module ensures accurate navigation. Furthermore, its user-friendly and seamlessly adjustable bezel enhances usability, while its angle tilt feature allows for versatile use across various profiles.

This compass module not only delivers outstanding performance but also ensures a seamless transition, extending the lifespan of your Oceanpro instrumentation.


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