Avoca Fin

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Avoca Fin
Sizing Guide
Small4 - 736 - 40
Regular8 - 10.541 - 44
X-Large11 - 12.545 - 47
  • Performance Open Heel Fin
  • Built in Channels improve thrust by increasing the fins surface area
  • Spring heel strap makes it easy to Don and Doff your fins
  • 3 Colour options
  • 3 Foot Pocket Sizes


A suitable pair of dive boots is required when using open heel fins.

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Oceanpro Avoca Fin

The Avoca Fin is a high-performance Open Heel SCUBA fin using a channelled Blade design.  The Channels increase the surface area of the Fin and also give thrust direction improving the Fins performance.  The Avoca works equally well with the traditional Flutter (Scissor) or Frog style of kicking and comes standard with a Spring Heel strap for ease of adjustment.


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2 reviews for Avoca Fin

  1. Olivia Schoots

    The fins were really comfy on in the water as the foot pocket fit quite snug and didn’t pinch in any odd places, giving a really good overall fit with no wiggle room for maximum propulsion, (wore Opro 5mm Boot).
    Love the idea of the spring strap having the option of a clip as it makes it easier to either change out if they get damaged or if you have weak/cold hands and struggle to lift them over your boot at the end of a dive you can just unclip (my mum has this issue and really likes the idea)
    In water the fins performed really well in a flutter kick and frog kick, I was weighted up for an aluminum single cylinder and a drysuit so had a fair amount of weight and in a surge with a slight current, they had a decent amount of power behind them. Back finning was a little more difficult as the blades themselves are quite flexible but the large side rails of the fins helped stabilize everything enabling me to still be able to get some propulsion from the fin.
    Being slightly flexible did help with normal flutter kicks as it didn’t load up the knees like a lot of stiff fins on the market do making it a comfortable fin to kick with for a long duration of time.

    Overall the fins were a well thought out, good performing, and comfortable recreational fin – Olivia Schoots Dive Spear and Sport

  2. 2 Reviews


    Wowsers, these fins are awesome !

    By design, these fins have a very durable, slim fin blade, that allows for easy fin kicks, I tend to dive using frog kicks (as many of us do) and I found that the fins glided along well.

    I usually dive in Rivers and Seaway’s with strong tidal currents, which the fins kept pace with nice and evenly. They even did well in surface kicking against a strong current. The flexible design of the fins means you get more power per kick and it’s a really nice length that I didn’t have any mobility issues trying to turn on the spot.

    I wear a 5mm thick Boot and I had zero issues fitting my boots into the foot pocket. It is a nice framed arch that fits really well with out digging into the top of the foot, a nice curved design at the front means my toes didn’t start to ache from being smooshed in together.

    Let’s talk about the solid clip and spring design; this right here makes me love these fins, being able to repair/replace springs easily is an absolute top notch feature that should be integrated into all fins. The easy clip design is also amazing for people who don’t have the flexibility to pull them over the boots ( a very common problem in my experience) one little pinch and TA-DA the fins pop off nice and easy. A little issue that I did run into was the rubber backing on the spring tended to rotate on the springs as I pulled them onto my boots, but as long as you get it secured at the start of the dive you wont have a problem.

    Over all I find that these fins are well designed, lovingly crafted, light enough for the on the go diver with easily replaceable springs make these a go-to recommendation.

    Happy Diving !

    Dillon Brisbane Dive Academy

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