Woolamai JR Mask Snorkel Set

$59.00 inc GST

  • Silicone mask to retain fit and softness
  • Tinted lenses to reduce glare at the surface
  • Snorkel has dry bobber top with splashguard
  • Purge has one-way seal for easy water clearing
  • Replaceable snorkel mouthpiece
  • Reusable Bag
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As any snorkeller knows, there’s more than just what’s on the surface, and the same goes for the Woolamai junior MS set.
A silicone mask skirt will keep its shape and softness, unlike inferior silicate or silitex masks. Tinited lenses help minimise the impact of glare on the water’s surface, offering comfort and protection. The splashguard on the snorkel helps protect against any breaking wave, and the float inside the top piece helps block water from coming in. The snorkel purge valve enables easy clearing for any water that may get in, either from a “duck dive” or your child adjusting their mouthpiece. You will “breathe easy” knowing your child will, too.




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