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The Oceanpro pony bottle bracket is specifically designed for divers who choose to dive with a smaller pony style tank attached to their main cylinder. Made with durable anodised aluminium, nylon webbing and stainless steel, the Oceanpro Pony Bracket is tough and can be integrated with any standard Scuba diving cylinder and pony tank on the market. Sturdy Cam lock buckle and non-slip rubber tank grips ensure your pony bottle stays secure throughout your entire dive.

Key Features

Anodised Aluminium Construction

Adjustable Length Webbing closure with Stainless Steel cam

Designed for 4.4`` diameter pony cylinders-aluminium 8, 13 & 19 cubic foot

Designed for 6.9`` to 8.0`` diameter primary cylinder

Rubber feet for grip and cylinder protection

Weight .358 kg


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