Max Depth Navcon Metric

$379.00 inc GST

  • High angle tilt compass
  • 60 metre depth gauge
  • 300 BAR pressure gauge
  • Easy to read dial
  • Slimline low profile
  • Micro braided HP hose

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Oceanpro’s Max Depth Navcon is a sleek slimline and versatile three-in-one tool designed for the dedicated diver. With a depth gauge measuring up to 60 metres, a sturdy 300 BAR max pressure gauge, and a built-in compass, it provides precise underwater exploration.

The high angle tilt compass has an easy-to-read dial with a vibrant colour contrast design, ensuring clarity even in the murkiest of waters. It also comes with a micro-braided HP hose, known for its durability and flexibility.

This Max Depth Navcon not only provides exceptional performance but also features easily replaceable main components, effectively extending the lifespan of Oceanpro instrumentation.


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