LED Mini 3

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  • Single 6W Backup Light
  • Concentrated 8 degree beam
  • Output 320 Lumens
  • Burntime – 6 hours total
  • Bulb life 50,000 hours
  • T6061-T6 Anodized Aluminum
  • 3 C alkaline batteries (batteries not included)
  • Depth rated to 650ft/200meters
  • Dimensions 1.81 inches/46mm diameter / 8.11 inches/206mm length
  • Rear tie-point for boltsnap / lanyard included

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The Hollis push into the Primary Lighting market included our innovative LED16 Canister System which offered a replacement and better alternative over traditional HID lighting and Multi-Array LED systems.Our goal was to revolutionise primary and backup lighting systems; doing so required extended burn times and efficiency while increasing output, but without the high price tag. We achieved our goal and now include this technology in our line of handheld lights.


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