Geo Air

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  • Smart phone compatibility
  • Dual Algorithm
  • 4 Modes of operation
  • Water activated
  • LCD Display
  • 300 hour battery life
  • Nitrox 21-100%
  • Bluetooth 4.0

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The Geo Air has all the features you loved about the Geo 4.0, but now comes with the ability to connect to a transmitter, making the computer air integrated.

Through the computer’s programming, the Geo Air can read your general air consumption, and then estimate your remaining air time on a dive, based on the depth that you’re at. This can be a handy feature for any diver, as different dives, depths, locations, and conditions impact the effort required for the dive, making for varying air consumption demands.

The Geo Air features a large, legible display, making for easy use underwater and on the surface. This computer is equipped with Oceanic’s proven and well-loved Dual Algorithm, which delivers greater bottom time whilst keeping divers safe.

Bluetooth connectivity to all smartphones allows divers to keep track of their underwater exploration through the DiverLog+ App. Equipped with the ability to be used as a watch, with air, nitrox (2 mixes), for freediving, or in gauge mode, this watch offers versatility for different diving demands.

A diver of any level, whether just starting out, or well experienced can use this dive computer to progress their skills, review data, and dive anywhere in style.

Stylish Colour Straps

Personalise your Geo Air with 5 stylish colour straps. Match your strap to any other Oceanic product or piece of dive gear. Colour straps are available in Black, White, Blue, Yellow and Sea Blue.

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