Mission 2

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  • 1.2″ Hi-Res Color display, outstanding readability
  • Vibration, Visual and Audible alarms.
  • Mark entry and exit GPS locations.
  • Constant On-Screen Digital compass
  • Dive Modes: Air / Nitrox / Freedive / Gauge
  • Sport Modes: Cycle, Skiing, Swim, Run, Walk
  • Health: Heart Rate, Step Counter, Calories Calculation, Sleep Monitoring
  • Weather & Tide
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Design for the best diving experience

The MISSION2 is your go-to watch for Sports and Health activities! Our innovative device tracks and monitors a wide variety of sports activities including diving, swimming, biking, skiing, running, and walking. Additional watch features include a heart rate monitor, step counter, calories used calculation, and sleep monitoring!

The MISSION2’s vibrant hi-res 1.2” color screen clearly displays your real-time GPS information, digital compass, and smart notifications. Sync the MISSION2 with the user-friendly ATMOS App for detailed record keeping of all your sports activities!

The MISSION2’s new sleeker design comes in an assortment of great new colors allowing you to show off your own unique style.

MISSION2 connects you from the Mountains to the Sea!

Ultimate Diving Experience

  • 1.2″ Sunlight-visible, Hi-Res Colour display, outstanding readability
  • Vibration, Visual and Audible alarms.
  • Constant backlight, ideal for murky and night dives.
  • Easy to use menu with an intuitive user interface.
  • Multi-lingual adjustability.
  • New! Freediving Pool mode


  • Constant On-Screen Digital compass
  • Easy to Set compass bearings.
  • Mark entry and exit GPS locations.
  • Divespot GPS guidance. (GPS does not work underwater)

Dive Features

  • Mode: Air / Nitrox / Freedive / Freedive Pool / Gauge / Off
  • Gas: Single gas (Oxygen 21-40%) Decompression model Bühlmann ZHL-16c (GF configurable)
  • In-water activation
  • Dive planner
  • Depth & time alarm (10 sets for freediving mode)
  • Alarm methods (Visual, Vibration and Audible Buzzer)
  • Surface time
  • No-Fly time
  • Digital compass
  • Freediving stopwatch
  • Sunrise & Sunset times
  • Residual tissue loading reset


Water resistance: 10ATM (100 m / 328 ft)
Measurements: 50 x 50 x 16.8mm
Weight: 83 g
Display type: 1.2”, sunlight-visible, transflective, hi-res color display
Bezel & Button material: Stainless steel 316L
Languages: EN,KO,JA,ZH-CN, ZH-TW
Logbook memory: 100 dives
Metric and imperial units:  Yes
Watch band: Silicone, width 26mm
Battery life: Watch Mode (Heart Rate off): Up to 7 days
Sport Mode (GPS & Heart Rate on): Up to 7 hours
Dive Mode: Up to 20 hours
(Battery life varies by use)
Firmware upgradable: Yes (USB)

Smart dive companion

  • Digital logbook (ATMOSTM App)
  • Smartphone notification

Daily smart features

  • Connectivity – ATMOS APP (iOS / Android)
  • Smart notifications
  • Sunrise and sunset times
  • Weather
  • Tidal


  • GPS
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Step counter
  • Sleep tracking
  • Calories burned
  • Barometric Altimeter
  • Digital compass
  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Thermometer
  • Depth sensor


1 review for Mission 2

  1. 1 Reviews

    Allen Haggerty

    I have had the Mission One dive computer for the past few weeks, and have been pleasantly surprised by how this unit operates and the ease by which one can use the unit. Below are my thoughts:

    I love the metal body, as it makes the unit feel more robust. Also, the buttons are easy to use and look sharp. They even vibrate when you press them, making the unit feel more responsive. The bezel design screams adventure/sport, and the bands feel nice on the wrist. The screen is easy to read and whilst the light is subdued normally, it actually makes the watch more subtle, but still readable. A simple click strengthens the backlight with no effort.

    As an everyday watch, this is fantastic. The screen is easy enough to read with date and time on the main screen – exactly what you want. Other computers have not had the date on the main page, which is frustrating when using every day. There is also the battery life continually shown, along with your O2 %, making for a subtle, perhaps even subliminal, reminder to go diving again. You can also easily scroll to read the temperature, the date of your last dive, how long your surface interval has been, and even an alternate time. The alternate time proves useful for internationals like myself, or for those working with others in different timezones.

    Scrolling through the menus is simple and most importantly, instinctual. I have had headaches with other computers in the past, and this should go a long way in resolving any user frustration.

    The compass is easy to calibrate – the easiest I’ve ever calibrated. I have not used this on a dive, but it is displayed nicely on the dive screen. That being said, my last few dive computers have all had this function, and I’ve never used it. This may be because every one I had before was mediocre at best, but it seems to be a function which is worth a tick on a list, but not used terribly much in practice.

    Diving on it is super easy to use, and all relevant information is displayed nicely. Depth is most prominent (which is what you want), max operating depth is also displayed, your air percentage, and you NDL. To top it off, there is even the temperature and ascent rate monitor, along with battery life and a compass bearing. You can customise your conservatism (fantastic), set your starting depth (unreal- I used to “go diving” when sitting in the hot tub on a Suunto), change your end dive delay to give you more/less time to tell a boat your dive details, change the water type, your air mix (for nitrox), and PPO2. You can set depth and time alarms as well. And of course, there is even a dive plan mode for planning multiple dives.
    The Bluetooth feature is amazing. You can receive texts, emails, etc via your phone. This also sets GPS marks for the dives that you do. You can even look up nearby dive sites via the dive computer/app. I have not observed the GPS yet, but it has me excited.

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