Deco Buoy Pink

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  • High Vis Fluro Pink is the most visible colour option available
  • Primary or Occy inflation option through a throat opening which holds a one way valve that won’t allow air to escape
  • Oral inflation option for surface use or an alternative option to deploy for decompression diving
  • Strong connection strap for reel line connection
  • Constructed from strong 420 Denier nylon
  • High Vis strip at top which stands out at night time
  • Option to attach Cyalume light stick through a top slot in the Deco Buoy

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The Ocean Pro Deco Buoy has the full array of features to make it a perfect choice for decompression diving and everyday recreational dive activities.
The fluoro Pink colour is the the most visible colour at water level and stands out even more than Orange or Yellow.

The Deco Buoy also features 3 different inflation options including via your Regulator using the throat opening which houses a one way valve, orally through the attached valve or valve connection to a BCD type QD inflation hose.
The Deco Buoy has a built in an over pressure relief valve to ensure the Buoy doesn’t over pressurise if deployed at depth.

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