Compass Hose Mount

$119.00 inc GST

  • Multi diameter hose mount
  • High angle tilt compass
  • Precise navigation
  • Easy to read dial
  • Prominent pointer
  • Directional lubber line
  • Easy smooth adjust bezel

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Discover a reliable, easy-to-use navigation tool with Oceanpro’s Compass Hose Mount. This versatile accessory is designed for precision and clarity, boasting a high angle tilt compass for accurate readings even at steep angles. The prominent pointer and directional lubber line enhance navigational accuracy, ensuring you never lose your way under water. The easy-to-read dial makes it effortless to stay on course, even in challenging conditions. Accommodating a variety of diameters, the multi-diameter hose mount offers compatibility with an array of scuba equipment. Navigate the underwater world with confidence.


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