Slate Wrist 3 Piece

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  • Fits snugly around wrist
  • Curved three piece design for comfort
  • Velcro straps used to fasten unit

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For divers who prefer to dive light, there is the Ocean Pro Wrist Slate, a multi-page diving slate that is lightweight and small. Simply turn the slate’s pages and scrawl whatever you choose. For scuba instructors, dive leaders, or researchers, this is a useful piece of gear because it offers an unobtrusive writing and communication surface.

For scuba diving or snorkelling, this slate is excellent. By writing on the face of this simple underwater communication gadget, you can inform your diving partner what you’re viewing. The slate has a curved slate with Velcro arm straps that comfortably wraps around your wrist. Additionally, it has a 3-layer ABS plastic slate, giving you a tonne of room. A straightforward yet efficient method of communicating underwater is this writing slate.

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