Oceanic+ Console Boot (for Apple Watch Ultra)

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  • Secure Attachment: The console boot provides a secure attachment for your Apple Watch Ultra or other computer alongside your pressure gauge, keeping everything in one location during your dives.
  • Easy Operation: With the watch and pressure gauge conveniently placed together, it is easy to operate and track essential information during your dive.
  • Durable Construction: Made from robust rubber, the console boot offers durability and protection for your Apple Watch Ultra, safeguarding it from impacts and scratches.
  • Petrol Colour: The console boot features an attractive petrol colour, adding a stylish touch to your dive gear.

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Introducing the Oceanic+ Console Boot Rubber, a multifunctional accessory engineered to offer a secure and convenient solution for having both your Apple Watch Ultra and pressure gauge data available during your dives. This version of the unique Oceanic+ Console is designed exclusively as a boot, tailored to accommodate your Apple Watch Ultra and ensure its reliable attachment to the console.

With the rubber console boot, effortlessly secure your Apple Watch Ultra alongside your pressure gauge, allowing for the seamless operation and monitoring of vital data throughout your dive. The snug fit of the boot guarantees that your watch remains firmly in place, providing peace of mind as you explore the underwater realm.

Crafted from robust rubber, the console boot provides durability and protection for your Apple Watch Ultra, safeguarding it against potential impacts and scratches that may occur during diving activities. Its petrol color also adds a touch of style and aesthetic appeal to your dive gear.

Versatile and adaptable, the Oceanic+ Console Boot Rubber can be used with existing Oceanic+ consoles, offering customization options to suit your unique diving requirements. And, this boot is also compatible with other Oceanic dive computers, such as the Geo 4.0 or Geo Air. Whether you’re a recreational diver, underwater photographer, or intrepid explorer, this console boot delivers a practical and efficient solution to streamline your dive setup.


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