To get from point A to point B in the water and how you want to get there, all depends on your fins.  Whether it’s snorkelling, freediving or scuba we have a range of fins that will get you moving.

The best fins have a deep comfortable foot pocket and easy to use quick release buckles for simple donning and adjustment.

How does the Split blade technology work?… Lift or suction propels the diver forward through the water like lift pulls an aeroplane upward. The Vortex fins create this force as water flows smoothly around the blade like air curving over the surface of an aeroplane wing. As the water funnels inward towards the centre opening, it accelerates like water at the narrowing of a river mouth or water spraying out the narrow nozzle of a hose.

Traditional “closed heel” or “full foot” fits offer the most efficient transfer of energy directly from foot-to-blade. This power to effort ratio is favoured by freedivers who prefer a longer soft bladded closed heel fin. A shorter, lighter, more rigid blade is popular with snorkelers and warm water divers where pushing through currents and powerful finning is not necessary.

Avoid fins with blades that are too rigid for the power of your legs, as this leads to increase fatigue and air consumption, which in turn results in less time spent diving.

The most effective and efficient scuba fins use Split blade or “propeller fin” technology which results in a far superior performance with a huge reduction in fatigued & air consumption.