Product Warranty Information

Submerged Nation offers additional warranty benefits for all Oceanic, Hollis and Ocean Pro product purchased from an Authorised Dealer in Australia. Warranty coverage for the above mentioned brands will only apply to products accompanied by proof of purchase from an Authorised Australian Dealer.

Submerged Nation warrants that it will fix, repair or replace any defective product at no cost to the consumer other than the expense of the consumer returning any defective product to their nearest Authorised Australian Dealer.  After service, the product will then be returned to the Authorised Dealer for collection, or to the Consumer at no cost, with the balance of the applicable warranty intact.

Please note that this warranty is offered in addition to any other rights that the consumer may have under Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Additionally, failure to register the product does not diminish the consumers warranty rights.

Regulator Service Parts for Life

All Oceanic, Hollis and Oceanpro Hardware, comprising Regulators, Octopus Regulators (Octo’s), Buoyancy Compensators (BC’s) and Wings, when purchased from an Authorised Australian Dealer, can have their warranty upgraded to a Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW). This LLW will will cover against any defects in materials, workmanship and performance to product specifications for the life of the product.

This Warranty Registration benefit also includes free bi-annual service Parts for Life. 

For specific warranty details, please refer to the Warranty Conditions.

Digital Instrumentation Warranty Upgrade

Oceanic and Hollis Digital Instrumentation, when registered, is covered by an additional 4 years extending the total warranty period to a 5 year Limited Warranty. For specific warranty details, please refer to Warranty Conditions.

Also see our Terms and Conditions for further warranty coverage information.