Wetsuit – noun
– a close-fitting rubber garment typically covering the entire body, worn for warmth in water sports or diving.

To maximise your underwater experience a well fitted and comfortable wetsuit is a must.  Seek out a Submerged Nation Partner and be fitted today.  We have you covered, from head to toe!

A wetsuit works by allowing a small film of water into the suit which is therefor heated by your body and kept warm by the insulating properties of the neoprene. The proper fit of a wetsuit is critical for its effectiveness at keeping you warm during a dive. Too much water movement removes warm water and draws away body heat.

Premium Wetsuit along with using high-stretch neoprene materials add to this warming process with the use of technical linings, such as Neo Span & Ultrawarmth.

The best diving wetsuits available utilise Quick-Dry thermal panels throughout the inside of the suit. Not only does this add valuable thermal properties equivalent to that of another millimetre in neoprene without the added buoyancy, it also eliminating the uncomfortable task of donning a cold wet wetsuit in repetitive dive situations.

3mm Steamers are Shorties are the preference for swimmers, snorkelers and beach- going children. Important to consider is the unmatched long-lasting UV protection a wetsuit can offer above and beyond that of any Sunscreen or Rash Guard.