The ideal mask, snorkel and fin set is one that allows you to leave the water having a memorable experience.  You have chosen well if you can vividly remember seeing that colourful reef and swimming effortlessly along side a school of fish while breathing freely.  Find the perfect setup with Submerged Nation.

Your snorkel should be comfortable and provide little to no strain on the mouth. The best snorkels have a soft silicone mouthpiece which assists in the reduction of jaw fatigue. A removable mouthpiece is a recommended feature as it can be easily replaced prolonging the life of your snorkel.

Drop away flex snorkels keep the face area clear. This allows for easy regulator / snorkel exchange on the surface.

A dry top comes featured as standard on many of our range of snorkels. The dry top is recommended as it helps prevent water spray from entering the snorkel top during rough or choppy conditions.

The more traditional and simple “J”snorkel design is a preference for freedivers and advanced level snorkelers as its low profile eliminates drag during duck diving . A large bore allows for clear easy recovery breathing on the surface between dives.