If you want to enjoy the beauty of what can be seen underwater, you going  to need a mask.  Let’s face it, we all have different size noggins and getting a comfortable fit is essential.  Check out the tips below to help you choose the perfect mask.

Before use, check that your mask fits properly by placing the mask gently against your face without the strap. Inhale through your nose & the mask should stay in place by suction. If this fails try another as Submerged Nation has a mask to fit every face.

A mask with low volume is highly beneficial, particularly for freeding and snorkelling as the lens is closer to your face meaning less air is needed to equalise the mask, as well as proving a wider field of vision. A great example of this is the ever popular Oceanic Shadow or Salvimar Noah masks.

The best masks have a high quality silicone skirt. The softer and more comfortable the better, although be aware of silicone which is too soft as it can distort and leak with water pressure. A hypo-allergenic 100% liquid silicone as featured across the Submerged Nation mask range lasts longer due to its high UV resistance and superior durability.

Better quality masks whilst appearing that same, use significantly improved technologies and materials to increase performance. Features like Saint-Gobain Diamante Glass has a lower Iron content than normal glass improving colour and visibility in low light conditions. Along with Atomic Aquatics ARC (Anti-Reflective Coating) that reduced reflected light and actually increases the amount of available light transmitted to the divers eyes.