Dive gear bags are an essential part of making your trip to the water as effortless as possible.  From small to large they play a big part in keeping your gear safe and clean during travel.

Whether it’s a quick trip to the shoreline or a boat ride to a wreck, the right gear bag will make your adventure a great one.

Whether diving locally or travelling, the correct gear bag can significantly extent the life of your valuable equipment. If possible choose a bag with rigid walls as this greatly enhances the strength of the bag.

The convenience of wheels and retractable handles are essentials for the travelling Scuba Diver. Be aware of bags without these features as your gear may fit easily, however once full, moving it can be an impossible exercise. The Stahlsac Steel range of bags fits both the above requirements perfectly.

Take careful consideration of highly valuable items, like computers and regulators, particularly during travel. A padded and protective Regulator Bag is an essential addition to your kit to prevent damage and enhance longevity.