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About Us

Submerged Nation is a not just a website, it’s a collective of water sports enthusiasts, SCUBA divers, free divers, snorkelers and dive professionals alike. It’s a community that stands for the environment, shares its passion as a collective and supports each other for the betterment of every experience that takes place in the Oceans and Waterways around the globe.

From its humble beginnings as a dive magazine, Submerged Nation has fast become one of the largest most active on-line groups in the world of water.

The progression from print to digital was essential in today’s changing environment and our website and social channels are laser focussed on bringing people, products and the highest qualified professionals together, all in one place.

We aim to create a place where knowledge, back-up support and value is second to none. We are implementing a platform for change and a place to share information and stories from the deep.

A vehicle to provide you advice, guidance and world class recourses, ensuring safe practice whenever entering the water.

Everything we do is for and about the Ocean. So, if like us, the Ocean is engrained in your DNA, Submerged Nation is calling you… Join the movement today by following our social channels and signing up as a Submerged Nation member and exploring all that we have to offer.

The Submerged Nation Team!!

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