Why are you being asked to choose a retail partner?

When purchasing product from the Submerged Nation website, you are purchasing brands from the Authorised selling agent and a Premium Partner of the shared commerce program.

For many years the Submerged Nation Partner group has been instrumental in growing the brands and product ranges sold across this site, so unlike many other suppliers in the recreational industry that choose to directly oversell their retail partners, this website is actually a sales support tool and shared commerce platform for Submerged Nation retail partners, who are the lifeblood of the industry and what it stands for.

Along with supporting the local Dive Industry, you are also selecting a Partner who is empowered to offer a level of after sales service to back-up your purchase, superior to any other. No other stores on the globe have access to programs like the 5 Year Unlimited Dive Computer Warranty, 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and Free Parts for Life Programs.

Should you ever have a warranty claim or product concerns post sale, Submerged Nation and its Partners are there for your support. Annual Service of critical Life Support product is a necessity in the sport and the Submerged Nation Partner you select is fully trained by the highest qualified industry technicians to offer you the utmost professionalism in this area.

Dive Safe & Shop On…