Weight System for Metal Backplate

$199.00 inc GST

  • Quick release weights pockets that hold up to 5.5KG of weight
  • Fits the HTS2, Elite 2 and Solo Harness / Backplate systems
  • Partitioned pockets reduces weights sliding and impacting on diver trim
  • Can be fitted to older Hollis Harness / Backplate systems

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The LX2 Weight system replaces the older LX pocket, and is a great new design which adds weight versatility options with an ease of use design. LX2 uses a simple pinch and pull buckle, and large nylon handle on the pouch to ditch or carry the weights. The pouch itself is zippered and holds 12 pounds (5.5KG) total, but is partitioned to isolate weights within the pouch. The benefit there is if you only have say 5lbs (2.3KG) in the pocket, the partition will avoid it shifting around during the dive. This system is also reverse compatible to allow use with older Hollis backplates and harnesses.


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