Octo-Z II Inflator Complete

$599.00 inc GST

  • Specifically designed to fit Oceanic and Hollis BCD and Wing
  • Corrugated hose disconnect (So Octo-Z can easily be stored with regulator.)
  • Corrugated hose rinse connection, allows a garden hose to be connected to the BC for easy effective rinsing.
  • Balanced inflation valve, for easy use and precise BC fill-rate control.
  • Ergonomic placement and contrasting colors make the Inflate and Deflate buttons easy to find, distinguish and operate.
  • High flow QD connections for air supply
  • Available in 16 & 19 Inch lengths
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This latest edition to the range from Zeagle is specifically designed for easy and safe connection to all Oceanic and Hollis BCD and wings. Eliminating the need for a traditional spare Octopus regulator, the Octo-Z allows you to configure a more streamlined set up minimising drag and snag scenarios.

The high performance design of the Octo-Z’s regulator partners perfectly with the precision performance of the Oceanic and Hollis products, giving easy comfortable breathing at all Sports-Diving depths, should it be required.




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